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Gold Dafeng Northeast New Corn Harvester Promotion & Northeast Dealer Conference

Number of visits: Date:Jun 14,2015

On June 14th, 2015, Gold Dafeng Northeast New Corn Harvester Promotion & Northeast Dealer Conference was held in the Company and attended by more than 50 dealers from Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Liaoning, etc. as well as many media.

At the conference, the chairman, general manager, vice general manager and other key leaders gave on-site speeches. The sales manager, after that, described at length the basic situation, operation thought in 14 years, market channel development and sales goal to have dealers get an overview of the company and its market operation idea in future.

As the third phase of the conference, the R&D center and northwest new products, 4YZP-3B and 4YZP-4B self-propelled corn harvesters, were introduced in details by mechanical engineer Guo Hejia. The Company's excellent design team provides a solid guarantee for the success in product R&D and trial production; and its technical center equipped with cutting-edge 3D design software and PDM design management software for design and development ensures all spare parts are reasonable, help improve product quality and performance and greatly increase design efficiency. The 4YZP-3B and 4YZP-4B models have passed the performance test by authorized departments, especially the performance meeting all national standards and promotion requirements. These two model impressed dealers with excellent performance, humanized structural design and luxury and comfort driving environment.



After that, dealers and media are led to visit the Company's plant. Building environment, standardized construction management, advanced assembly line and fully equipped public facilities all demonstrated the Company's remarkable strength in production equipment and technical innovation and increased dealers' confidence in its products.

At the end, dealers talked freely and show great interest in the Company's new products and believed they have great future. The Company, at the same time, made a commitment to provide pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services which would be as good as before and to release a range of marketing policies to increase the profit and achievement for dealers.


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